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Invest Salone was officially launched on 16 September 2019 and is working to catalyse investment in Sierra Leone, making it a place where growth-orientated firms can thrive. Through Invest Salone’s work, firms will be better able to trade, compete and grow due to a fairer investment climate and more efficient market systems.


Sierra Leone has enormous potential for expansive economic growth. For instance, the country has significant hydro and solar energy potential, a large amount of arable and fertile land and the world’s third largest natural harbour in the capital, Freetown. The Invest Salone team is working to ensure that this potential is realised, driving inclusive economic growth that will benefit the people of Sierra Leone.


Invest Salone aims to facilitate investment in the agriculture, fisheries, manufacturing and tourism sectors to help raise the income of 370,000 citizens of Sierra Leone.


Invest Salone is working to reduce the cost and risk of doing business in Sierra Leone. It also helps firms to grow using a spectrum of tools, including brokering links between producers and buyers and technical assistance.


Invest Salone is working with the public and private sectors to identify, design and implement reforms that will reduce the costs and risks of doing business in Sierra Leone. The initiative will support the development of investment climate reforms that benefit citizens across the country.


Invest Salone mobilises the capabilities and resources of the private sector in order to support the people of Sierra Leone. The initiative works with firms, investors, and business associations to catalyse shifts in the behaviour of the market system, offering market incentives to trigger enduring positive change.


Invest Salone is working to attract investors and exporters to the Sierra Leone market, helping local firms to expand their businesses and sales whilst also encouraging international trade. The initiative works with investors to help them identify and support investible businesses and potential export partners.


Invest Salone is a private sector development initiative that aims to help Sierra Leone realise the benefits of international trade and raise the incomes of 370,000 people by 2025. It plans to achieve this through reducing the risk of investment in Sierra Leone and supporting market development.


Chukwu-Emeka Chikezie

Team Leader

14A Barracks Road, Murray Town,
Freetown, Sierra Leone

SL Chamber of Commerce
Investment Opportunities
Commercial Banks
Community Banks

For further information contact MOPED/DACO
NAO Building
Tower Hill, Freetown



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